SRHA GENERAL MEETINGS held on the 1st Saturday of each month (except June, July & August) at 10:00AM at the Clubhouse..........Board Of Directors Meetings held on 3rd Monday of each month (except June, July & August) at 7:00PM at the Activity Center


Strawberry Ridge Homeowners Association, Inc.
General Meeting – April 1, 2017

1) Call to Order
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Roll Call
4) New Residents
5) Guest Speaker – Kathleen Garrison (Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office)
6) Announcement of 2017-2018 SRHA Board Officers
7) Business
a) New Manager
b) Change to Holiday Dinners
c) AED’s
d) Files of Life/Clips for Homes
8) Meeting Minutes – March 2017
9) Treasurer’s Report
10) Committee Reports:
a) Membership
b) Bingo
c) Welcome
d) RAC
e) Management
f) Other Reports
9) Upcoming Events
a) Eastern Hillsborough Community Band Spring Concert – 4/27/17
b) Shredding – 5/6/17
c) Ice Cream Social – 6/11/17
d) Omelet Breakfast – 7/15/17
e) Music by the Water – 8/26/17
f) TBD – 9/23/17
g) Health Fest – 10/10/17
h) Other events/services
10) Comments from Board Members
11) Comments from Residents
12) Adjournment


Annual Meeting and Elections – March 4, 2017

The Annual Meeting and Elections was called to order at 8:30 AM at the Activity Center by President Hurley with Board members, Rose Panella and Dee Costoso in attendance. Mary Kendall was in attendance to check in and collect ballots from members who were leaving on a bus trip. The meeting adjourned at 9:15 AM.

The meeting was called to order again at 10:04 AM at the Clubhouse by President Hurley.
Board Members Present: Sharon Hurley, Dee Costoso, Rose Panella, Kathy Beck and Mazie McMahon
Board Members Absent: Paul Gardner

Election of Board Members
President Hurley announced that the election of board members was open. HOA members were asked to cast their ballots. At 10:15 voting was subsequently closed. Ballots were counted and the 4 individuals running for board seats were elected: Mazie McMahon, Kathy Beck, Paul Gardner, and Margie Hersh.

Margie Hersh was asked to join the other Board members at the table. She then addressed everyone giving her background information.

 Taxes – President Hurley announced that the SRHA’s taxes for 2016 have been prepared and are in the process of being reviewed before filing. No taxes are due.
 AED’s – The Board is looking into purchasing two AED’s at a cost of approximately $1000 each, one for the Clubhouse and one for the Activity Center/Outdoor Pool. Blair Management had a contract drawn up indemnifying themselves. The Board does not agree with this. Unfortunately, if this problem cannot be resolved, the AED’s will not be purchased.
 Files of Life – Residents are asked to contact any Board member if they would like a File of Life. A supply of them will be available at next month’s meeting.

February Minutes
The minutes of the February meeting were posted on the Blog and the Clubhouse and Activity Center bulletin boards. Additionally, copies were made available on the tables for residents to review. Prince Olatunji made a motion to accept the minutes and Carol Felicia seconded it.

Treasurer’s Report by Rose Panella
The checking account balance at February 1st was $15,677.34. Income for the month was $2,297.29 and expenses were $1,470.58 bringing the balance on March 1st to $16,504.05. Income from the Vendor Fair and Pizza Party was $3,606.02 and expenses were $937.17. Profit for the Vendor Fair was $2,547.15 and for the Pizza Party $121.70. 
Peggy Thomas made a motion to accept the report and Linda Reimert seconded it.

Bingo Report by Dee Costoso
There were a total of 206 players for the month of February. Total monthly receipts were $2,392.00 and monthly payouts were $2,158.15. Changes to game payouts have been made. Payouts on regular games have increased and there is a very large payout to one of the games. As an example, one week the payouts on regular games were $20, specials were $40 and the payout on the last game was $175.00.

Welcome Report by Mazie McMahon
Paula Somers and Susan Mangan are in the process of delivering welcome packets to the new residents listed in the March issue of Toppings. It has been brought to the Committee’s attention that there are residents who were inadvertently left off the listings in recent editions of Toppings. Committee members will be visiting those residents.

RAC Report by Mazie McMahon
RAC did not meet in February. Management said no to the street cleaning. Something needs to be done to the old shuffleboard area. RAC has requested input from residents on what should be done. The next RAC meeting is March 28th, 7PM in the Activity Center. The second quarterly meeting between RAC and Mr. Young is scheduled for April 18th.

Management Report
At the monthly HOA/Management meeting many items were addressed, including putting numbers on the Clubhouse and Activity Center so emergency vehicles can easily find them, installing smoke detectors in the Clubhouse, and problems with the cleaning of the Clubhouse and Activity Center.

Upcoming Events
1. FLOW – March 14th, 9:30-1:30
2. St. Patrick’s Day Dance with Cliff Ritchie on March 18th from 7-11PM
3. Spring Concert – April 27th – Hillsborough County Community Band
4. Other Events – Ladies Auxiliary Strawberry Shortcake Social on March 26
5. It was announced that the SRHA and Ladies Auxiliary will co-sponsor the 2017 Halloween Party with the SRHA paying for the band.

Comments from Residents
A resident asked about the magnetic clips the SRHA used to provide to new residents. President Hurley stated that the Board would look into purchasing new ones and making them available to residents.

Jo Ann Diana made a motion to adjourn the meeting, and Sylvia Haywood seconded it. The meeting adjourned at 10:45AM.


By: Sharon Hurley, SRHA President 315-9487

The Strawberry Ridge Homeowner’s Association Annual Meeting and Election of Directors is Saturday morning, March 4, 2017, at 10 AM immediately following our monthly free coffee and donuts at 9 AM. There must be a quorum of paid SRHA members to complete the elections. So if you are a paid member, please do come to cast your ballot or give a signed proxy for the election. If you need another proxy, we will be glad to provide one, please just call Sharon Hurley at 813-315-9487.

There are four (4) Director positions for election this year. The candidates for these seats are Mazie McMahon, Kathy Beck, Maggie Hersh, and Paul Gardner. Additional information is available at

Thanks go to all residents who attended our Annual Vendor’s Fair on February 16, 2017, which is our largest fundraiser for the year. A special thank you to the many who volunteered to assist to make this event successful. The door prizes and “give-a-ways” from vendors were terrific, and your attendance makes a huge difference in attracting vendors interested in speaking with residents at Strawberry Ridge. The money collected will be used for resident events and services throughout the year.

FLOW Florida Licensing on Wheels will be returning to The Ridge on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 from 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM. Visit them at the Clubhouse to renew your license or vehicles, renew/receive handicapped tags, get a Veterans “V” added to your license, and more.

The American Red Cross will be here on Saturday, April 15, 2017, from 9 AM – 12 PM to install FREE 10 year battery smoke detectors in homes. Detectors will be installed in homes of individuals who signed up at the Red Cross booth at the Vendor Fair. Others who would like to receive FREE smoke detectors should call Louis Rodriquez at (813) 867-7625 to get on the list. Special smoke detector systems for deaf and hard of hearing residents are also available for residents who need them.

Cliff Ritchie is once again coming to the Ridge...this time, he will be celebrating St Patrick’s Day with us on Saturday, March 18th. Tickets are now available and are $10 in advance and $12 on the day of the event. Lots of residents know and love Cliff; but if you haven’t yet had the opportunity to enjoy this fabulous entertainer, be sure to join us.

Have a great month!


Strawberry Ridge Homeowner’s Association
February 18th, Pizza Party Results

We had Lonnie of Make & Bake out of St. Petersburg making our pizzas and the dessert pizzas. We also had fresh salad. Lonnie kept up with everybody’s request for the different pizzas. When it came time for the dessert pizza, again he kept up with the requests.

We sold a total of 69 tickets but only 64 people showed up. Sorry that 5 people missed out. Wasn’t a bad turnout for the first time doing this. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, and no one went away hungry.

We are thinking about having an omelet breakfast and again Lonnie will make them to order right in front of you. What do you think? Let anyone of the SRHA how you feel about this.
Calling all volunteers!
by Dee Costoso

 The year 2017 is off to a busy start. The HOA already has had two events. The New Years Eve Dance and FLOW.  We have more events planned, but we need the help of our residents.  2017 holds a new beginning for the Ridge. That is why I will be starting a Volunteer Committee.  Anyone wanting to participate, can contact me at  There will also be sign-up sheets posted at the activity center by the SRHA office and the bulletin board in the club house. Help make 2017 a successful year at the Ridge!


By Rose Panella

As of April 1st we have started a new year for the membership in the Homeowner’s Association. This is the time to join. A one-year membership goes from April 1st, 2016 to March 31st, 2017 and the cost is $6.00. If you want to join for three years, your membership will go from April 1st, 2016 to March 31st, 2019 and the cost is $15.00. I have posted on the indoor and outdoor bulletin boards a list of people whose membership expired as of 3/31/16. If you’re not sure, please call me and I will let you know if you do. If you do renew or want to join, at the Activity Center, there is a bulletin board just left of the SRHA Office and a folder with blank application to join. Yes, even if you are renewing your membership, a new form needs to be completed. Again, if you have any questions, please contact me.


When new people move into StrawBerry Ridge, there is nothing nicer than a visit from a friendly neighbor. If you are new to StrawBerry Ridge and didn't get a call, please contact Mazie McMahon at 655-0750 or Paula Somers at 684-8328 or Susan Mangan at 690-3482


The SRHA sponsored a bus to go to the Straz Center on 5/22/15
to see the Florida Orchestra perform LET FREEDOM RING. It was a wonderful presentation, and a great time was had by all!


On the first Saturday of every month, a different organization sponsors the Coffee Hour. The monthly Coffee Hours are sponsored by the SRHA.  If your group is interested in hosting, you may sign up on the Bulletin Board at the Clubhouse or contact any of the SRHA Directors.  See you at the Clubhouse!